Sora Schools

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About us

Project-based online high school ($20M venture-backed and looking to scale)

Sora is a virtual private middle and high school that uses a mix of project-based and competency-based learning to help students explore their interests, master a general set of academic skills, and figure out what they want to do after high school.

You can learn more about Sora on their learning lab podcast.

✋🏾Fast Five

  • Sora is a Virtual school that services students all over the world
  • Sora is a full-time school program accredited by Cognia, NCAA & WASC.
  • They built their own software in house to power their school, including an LMS and AI-powered feedback tools.
  • They offer flexible schedules for their faculty and staff and creative freedom to design expeditions (6-week project-based ‘courses’).
  • They’re a member of the URL (United Reinvention Lab) Community which means that we, at the Reinvention Lab recognize their commitment to both equity and innovation.

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