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Makerspace, Coworking space, and Learning Center

Learnlife is a school model that actually rejects the word school. They say “School is a dirty word” and encourage their staff to think beyond the boundaries of what we’ve been told school is. They push learners to go deeper and bigger in the pursuit of a meaningful life. If you’ve been itching to go abroad this is a great opportunity.

✋🏾 Fast Five:

  • Learnlife is based in Barcelona, Spain and has a new campus in Budapest, Hungary.
  • This is only an opportunity for those willing to relocate overseas.
  • Learnlife is a highly innovative school that relies heavily on project based learning and student agency as pillars of their model.
  • Learnlife built their own learning paradigm that consists of 21 competencies organized into three main groups.
  • You’ll do well here if you’re flexible and excited about building new things.

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