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School & co-working space in Austin, TX

Alpha is a K-12 private school in Austin, TX that prioritizes love of school above all else. When you walk into the building it feels more like a co-working space than a school. Students use learning apps in place of direct instruction to make time for extremely exciting projects, workshops and learning trips around the city of Austin.

✋🏾Fast Five

  • Alpha has locations in Austin, Brownsville, and Dallas, TX.
  • Core academics, called Core Skills there, only take 2 hours per day. What are they doing with the rest of the day? They’re doing applied learning projects, workshops and taking trips to learn about the city they live in.
  • Alpha’s most popular workshop in its history is called “The Flip” which is an introduction to financial literacy by learning to flip unwanted items on Ebay.
  • The majority of students at this school score in the 90th percentile of the nation on the MAPS standardized exam.
  • Alpha once held school in an old concert venue where Prince played his last Texas show.

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